Chc Donor publication
Design and develop a publication that The Center for Healthy communities (CHC) can provide its donors, to showcase the organization’s past achievements and current goals.
After meeting with CHC’s Department Directors, regarding the organization’s mission and objectives, it was time to develop a framework for their different focuses within the community of Chico, CA. After discussing the various ways CHC outreaches to the community, I was able to discern three primary areas of focus: Education, Local Farming Communities, and the greater Chico Community.
Implementing these three focus areas into the publication, it was time to begin working on a layout for easy readability. Simultaneously, I was tasked with creating a style guide for CHC, so the publication mockups included various typefaces and graphic elements to choose from. After each meeting with the client, our focus became clearer as typefaces, graphic elements, and layout options were considered. Lastly, pairing the text content with high resolution photographs from their history, into a clear layout, the publication was born. A unique piece for the organization, since they had yet to develop a comprehensive print that showcased all of their many talents.
InDesign | Illustrator | Photoshop

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