easy gap farmer + community relations
Redesign the client/representative interaction process of Easy Gap, a liaison between small farms and the government to implement a system of checks and balances so small farms can sell to major grocery stores.
Teaming up with classmates, to find effective solutions to the convoluted interactions between small farms and Easy Gap utilized a Human Centered Design approach. By creating a space of empathy for both the farmer and Easy Gap rep, we developed a Journey Map and Service Blueprint to better understand the current interactions. Utilizing these tools, we began to paint a picture of the challenges faced by Easy Gap and its potential clients which was then used to develop our thesis and proposal that would help minimize stress and maximize collaboration for all parties involved.
We quickly discovered the farmers feel apprehensive towards change and, often times, overwhelmed by the excessive amount of information from Easy Gap. By providing a customized and interactive experience for the farmer, we were able to tailor the process to each farmers’ individual needs. The design process for this project was unique but extremely valuable. By stepping into the shoes of both the farmer and Easy Gap representative, we were able to do more than just redesign their forms. We were able to change the process of interaction from a macro perspective, allowing a more timeless and effective solution.
Illustrator | Photoshop | After Effects | Atom | Chrome
observation • ideation
rapid prototyping

Interactive Self-Verification Demo

Process Book

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