aes rebrand
Create a logo for Alliance for Education Solutions (AES), a non-profit aimed at improving the life chances of vulnerable youth.
Starting with basic ideas of what AES is, the team decided on a logo that would represent support, guidance, and building relationships. Through brainstorming and collaboration sessions, I quickly learned, they were fond of the idea of hands being incorporated into the logo. Once a heart was decided upon, the first set of designs went out to the client. While many proposals, from the client, contained literal representations of what the client was thinking, I knew I had to blend their ideas into a simple design to ensure the logos effectiveness across various platforms.
After deciding on a logo that would incorporate two hands shaking, it was time to introduce various color schemes. The last set of iterations included multiple color schemes that incorporated the current platforms AES uses to provide a clear representation of options to the client. After the final logo and color scheme was decided upon, I created a branding guide, complete with typeface, color, and minor variations of the logo to assist with different applications. I added a personal touch, a motion design piece, discussing the organization’s intent within the community, it’s history, and what makes the new brand stand apart from others.
Illustrator | Photoshop | After Effects
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