Transgender Week of Resilience
Design marketing material for Transgender Week of Resilience (TWOR) and the Transgender Day of remembrance (TDOR).
Typically known as a day of mourning, TDOR is recognized across the world as a day to honor those who have lost their lives in the trans community. In contrast, Chico State created TWOR to help celebrate the resilience of the transgender community. Working with Stonewall Chico and Chico State, we decided to develop mirrored designs for both events, each looking very similar but with their own personal flair. The TDOR poster is somber, as is the day. It features a stark grey background with the iconic candle that TDOR uses to represent a time of remembrance. In contrast, the TWOR poster is lit up from its bright white background, embraced by two letter T’s, conveying an unwavering stance across the design. The images on each poster are painted in transgender pride colors, further honoring the two events.
Illustrator | Photoshop | InDesign
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