beyond magenta book build
Utilizing the content from a banned text, design and build a book using the original content but with a personalized touch.
Beyond Magenta is a book that showed immediate controversy once published. The author, Susan Kuklin, interviewed several young people that identify on the transgender spectrum and published their stories. The book was challenged multiple times and even banned in a modern day elementary school. After gaining permission to use Kuklin’s book for my design, I wanted to continue to honor the important content, while highlighting some new information.
Designed with the crisp and beautiful typeface, Garamond, coupled with a simplistic san-serif, Proxima Nova, this book boasts heavy margins allowing the reader to focus on what’s most important. Each chapter opening is complimented with a statistic helping to tie in the importance of these stories in today’s society. The images are kept as part of Kuklin’s request and neatly placed throughout the margins of the book. Furthermore, every few pages are donned with a quote from the corresponding chapter as if handwritten by the interviewees themselves. Lastly, the content is bound and embraced by a magenta cover with end pages consisting of a myriad of black and white faces. It’s so easy to feel like we’re lost in a crowd when we’re different.
The Build

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